Why use us?

(1) We have the experience
As your specialised property lawyer, we have a wealth of experience. They range from assisting clients in buying and selling hotels and pubs for their business, buying land for development, buying and selling investment properties for tax reasons all the way to buying and selling properties to upsize, downsize or simply to have a home of their own. Experience provides us with practical knowledge and insight into the industry and market trends. Whilst we cannot be your financial advisor or tax accountant, we can certainly be your property law advisor and share with you all the "tricks of the trade" and what the "normal" process and procedures are. We will be there to guide you every step of the way.
(2) We have a quick response rate
Timing is everything. We know that often, the difference between grabbing a bargain for investment or securing your dream home vs missing out comes down to timing. We have assisted clients who have showed up to their dream home on a Saturday morning and realising that their dream home goes to auction within 2 hours. Equally, we know that as a seller, you want to secure the best buyer with the highest price. Our quick response rate to contract negotiations ensure that you do not lose that interested buyer who may be looking at other properties in the area.
(3) We reduce your stress and manage your risk
Buying and selling a property can be complex and stressful. Our goal is to simplify the process for you. We will work with your agent, bank, mortgage broker to make it as easy as possible for you. We know that property transactions often involve large sums of money. As a Firm, we have developed internal policies and procedures which aims to reduce risks. We use secure property platforms to transact on your behalf and have the necessary insurance coverage.
(4) We love that you're helping the homeless (and other charities)
Our clients are very fortunate to be in a financial position to buy or own a property. For many Australians, homelessness is their reality. As a gesture of gratitude and to show that we are honoured to be given the opportunity to serve you, we pledge to donate a portion of our fees for each conveyance towards the purchase of a Backpack Bed for the Homeless This donation is our own personal and professional pledge and will not cost you anything. If you have a favourite charity that you support and would prefer for the donation to go towards your charity, please let us know. If you are in need of inspiration, please consider some of our favourite charities